The Power of African Stories

African Lightning media create inspired stories in long form (film/TV) are the new hot commodity out of Africa.If you read the Hollywood trades, the appetite and deals being done prove this sector is a very exciting space to find yourself in today. International streamers are focused on telling African stories to attract millions of new streaming subscribers on the continent and within the diaspora. That is why we have assembled a powerhouse of African creative talent with a track record of delivering on time.

African Inspired Stories

“Subscription numbers for Netflix in North America are stagnant … but Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa is an untapped market.” ~ Hollywood Reporter, 17 January, 2022

With the advent of smartphone communication and the internet, Africa has leapfrogged from the mid-20th century headlong into the 21st. From 150M smartphones in 2018, Africa is expected to have 560M in circulation by the end of 2022 – placing information, communication, and, more importantly, entertainment, in the palms of millions of consumers’ hands.

At the same time, the entry of streamers such as Netflix, Amazon, and soon Disney+ (not to mention Africa’s own streamers such as Showmax) have afforded African consumers not to have to be geo-specific in the content they watch, becoming more entertainment literate in the process.

Finally, as the diaspora comes of age, Africa has become the hottest continent, culturally speaking, showing up in the booming international growth of African fashion, movies, and music.

“In the past, African stories have been told by outsiders. We want to help local talent bring their stories to the world.” Ben Amadasun, Netflix director of content for Africa.



We have a World class slate of stories, talent out of Africa.

  • Mandela’s Spies (Long form) Mandla Dube
  • Hani, A Life too Short (Documentary feature) Mandla Dube
  • Dark Corner (Feature film) Darrell Roodt
  • Operation Wankie (Feature film) TBD
  • The Boy Who Crossed the Square (Documentary feature) Darrell Roodt


In Post

  • ”UNDERCOVER” POD/VIDCAST 8 part series (Post prod)




Production Services (BEE)

We offer full scale production service, logistics, security and support across South Africa. We work closely with the film making community in making collaborative, on budget, World class content. Whilst growing our collective tradecraft.

Creative Team

A meeting of creative minds, business acumen, passion, and professionalism. We are creative producers and Directors.

Darrell Roodt

A legendary South African filmmaker, who has made over 40 feature films, including Sarafina, Winnie and Cry, and The Beloved Country. He was also South Africa’s first-ever Oscar-nominated director for Best Foreign Film for his internationally acclaimed film, Yesterday.

Mandla Dube

 Arguably Africa’s hottest Director right now his directorial credits include the award-winning Kalushi: The Soloman Maghlangu Story (acquired by Netflix) and the upcoming Netflix original Silverton Siege, about a high-profile sabotage mission that goes wrong in Pretoria in the 80s. He has also worked on Hollywood blockbusters like The Italian Job. He is currently prepping as director for Deon Meyers’ Heart of the Hunter and developing an action feature film, Yasuke – Legend Of An African Samurai for streaming giant Netflix. Mandla is also CEO of Pambili Media, an established equipment rental, and production services house, advancing Africa’s heritage and storytelling through visual mediums to a world hungry for African content.

Walter Ayres

Is a seasoned South African Film and Television producer (Kalushi, Silverton Siege) Walter is a executive at Pambili Media.

Marc Le Chat

Executive producer of Bethlehem (thriller, directed by Robin Goode); executive producer of Makeba! (in pre-production with Netflix, stars Kerry Washington); producer on The President’s Spies; producer on Wallflower (romcom starring Remi Adeleke); producer on African History Y (a thriller in development starring Academy Award-nominated actor Djimon Hounsou). Marc was EP on the long-running SABC music show, Castle Loud, and SAFTA Awards-nominated unscripted series, A Very Bonang Year. He is also the founder and CEO of Celebrity Services Africa, a Telly Award-winning content creation & marketing agency based in Cape Town and LA.

Bradley Steyn

Co-author of “Undercover with Mandela’s Spies – The Boy Who Crossed the Square” (Kindle Edition) Steyn is a producer on The President’s Spies; ALM is in pre-production on Hani – A Life Too Short based on the best-selling book, in addition to a documentary feature on South African freedom fighter Chris Hani. 

Steyn is native of Pretoria where his mother worked as an executive. Bradley has a PODCAST Series “UNDERCOVER” and an audiobook in co-production with Janet Smith, Kabous Mering, and BIB AFRICA Audio publishers, in addition to a feature-length documentary, a limited TV series, and two feature films. All these stories are out of Africa and some are based on IP.

Development Fund

For scripted TV and Film
We are working with the brightest creative minds across the globe. Who are hungry for great quality stories from the African continent.

The Development Film Fund works with established screenwriters, aspiring writers, and collaborating filmmakers in developing premium scripted content. The content/ (IP) Intellectual property will remain with the fund and its participants. The IP will be produced in-house or through co-productions in addition to sales of IP. Our Board of Directors come from a Film and Television, entertainment background. To learn more message us.

ALM Social Development
The initiative works with aspiring African filmmakers through our mentorship programs throughout the whole creative process of making long-form TV, and films.